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How to perform a UX research: methods, objectives and results

UX research is a means of figuring out user objectives and behavior. The result of such research reveals which problems future product is going to solve. It becomes obvious how to help out the real users, and not some mythical target audience. UX research isn't always an iterative process.

Nov 25, 2021
Mobile App Design: Essential Steps of Development and Noteworthy Tips
Mobile App Design: Essential Steps of Development and Noteworthy Tips

The main purpose of mobile app design is creating mobile-friendly versions of websites that have extra features built in. The main task for a developer who decided to embark on a mobile app development boat would be to create a user-friendly ecosystem with perfectly effective UX. How to make sure the user won't delete the app right away?

Nov 18, 2021
Modern Website Development. Most Important Stages and Best Practices.

The most common mistake among web developers is first to build a website and then re-build it according to the requirements from a SEO-specialist or restructure it based off a particular product. Having accumulated more than a decade of experience with websites we've worked out our own algorithm in building websites.

Nov 01, 2021
The brand-new Autism Connections Fredericton website is finished

It's been a challenging yet interesting task to completely rework autismconnectionsfredericton.com website. We have re-done its design, layout, structure and navigation from the ground up, in addition to building a custom CMS to manage the website.

Jun 29, 2021
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