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AI Process Automation

Advance your business using bespoke AI solutions. Simplify staff training with tailored AI modules, create informational bots from your existing data, or enhance user experience with onboarding chatbots that send prospect information right into your CRM.

Partner with our expertise and transform operational challenges into streamlined successes. We will help to choose a solution for your problem and solve it in the most optimal way possible.

Maintenance & Security

We take care of everything related to your IT infrastructure, including monitoring, content updates, security checks, backups, and redesigning. With our services, you can focus on your core business while we ensure your digital assets run seamlessly.


From simple websites to complex portals, from startup companies to multi-nationals, no matter the size, scale, or complexity, we can develop a custom website built to meet your business needs.

Custom Software Development

We create custom online stores that meet your objectives, set you apart from your competitors and fit your budget – whatever the size.

Our solutions are flexible and depend on your budget and objectives. Apart from using such giants as Magento, WooCommerce and others we can develop custom modules and even a whole CMS.

Ambia.Studio: Canadian Web Design & Software Development Company
Autism Connections Fredericton
Rick Hutchins
"We needed to get a fresh website in place of our old one that was outdated! Designers from Ambia understood exactly what we needed! They have also been very good at suggesting solutions, when we were not clear on what was possible."
Autism Connections Fredericton
Nancy Morrison
"Superb experience, start to finish ... rare mix of skill and responsiveness. Committed to the outcome, not just the deliverable. Outstanding with remote collaboration which made the entire process easy and stress-free. I would absolutely recommend the team."

What else we can help you with

AI Automation

We offer AI services tailored for practical business needs. Our specialties include optimizing operations, developing data-driven informational bots, and creating effective onboarding chatbots. Simple, effective, and built for results.

Database Services

If your business requires remote database management services, Ambia.Studio can lend some help. We are an IT outsourcing company with 10+ years of expertise with database services, like management, optimization, migrations, backups, etc.

Product Development

Hiring an IT outsourcing company for Agile product development is the best choice for a company from Canada or anywhere in the world. Ambia.Studio delivers high-quality full product development cycles on time and under budget.

IT Consulting Services

You have a great idea for a project, but you’re not sure about your business strategy or need help choosing the right technology? Our experts are here to help you answer all of your questions.

Technologies and Solutions
We use modern but well-proven technologies which allows us to meet the requirements of modern web development and at the same time develop reliable and secure products.
We strive to conduct a complex analysis of the goals and objectives of your business. Websites or software we develop are considered not as a final goal, but as a method for achieving your business goals. Therefore, quite often our work on the project goes beyond simple developing of functionality from the technical specifications. We analyze the field that the company works in as well as working processes and local conventional ways of working. This attitude allows us to have a common ground and to speak the same language.
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