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E-commerce for Covered Bridges Lavender

Short description of our task and work on the e-commerce website for local entrepreneur and what we managed to achieve.

The Task

We had to create an E-commerce platform for a little family business so that it was presented on the internet. The website should have been beautiful, with unique design, simple and convenient for business owners and clear for visitors and clients.

Regarding the technical side of the project, the most simple and reliable solutions should be chosen so that the client could do almost everything by himself without resorting to the help of web masters or freelancers.

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Covered Bridges Lavender Case- Ambia.Studio
About Covered Bridges Lavender

Covered Bridges Lavender is a small family business, which was started by Nancy Morrison and her husband Phil in 2017 after they moved to New Brunswick. It took 3 years to get the first yield and now the company sells a variety of handmade products from lavender.

What has been done
Unique Design

We designed a whole new website design keeping in mind the main pivots of the result. Several challenges have been faced during development, for example, the website wouldn't have a lot of products and design shouldn't have looked empty. We solved this task by using smooth and gentle animations throughout the visitor experience.

Covered Bridges Lavender Case- Ambia.Studio
Breathable animations

Since the main themes of the website are organic, nature, etc. we had decided to enliven it with elegant and smooth animations, to make it "breathable" and more natural.

E-commerce integration

For e-commerce functionality we chose Snipcart as one of the most simple and clear e-commerce systems for small businesses. On top of that this platform allowed us to use any CMS that would meet our requirements.

Snipcart integration
Covered Bridges Lavender CMS
Content Management System

Since we wanted to avoid cumbersome and pricey solutions but at the same time to use a reliable one we picked the Strapi CMS. After small improvements perfectly fit the task.


The client was completely satisfied with the results. The unique and beautiful design highlights it from few competitors, optimized and fast, built with SEO in mind, all af that will save money for the maintenance later. The properly configured CMS allows making changes without webmasters or programmers.

"Superb experience, start to finish ... rare mix of skill and responsiveness. Committed to the outcome, not just the deliverable. Outstanding with remote collaboration which made the entire process easy and stress-free. I would absolutely recommend the team."

Testimonial about website development service.Nancy MorrisonExecutive Director
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